Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mobile: The Next Frontier for Enterprise Content Management

Vendors have traditionally taken a heavy-handed approach to the "management" part of ECM, locking down content and dictating its movement through highly structured workflows. This made sense in the client-server paradigm, where security meant keeping information and collaboration within the firewall.

Mobile: The Next Frontier for Enterprise Content Management

I have to disagree, this kind of approach almost never made sense. Central control of information is impossible on various levels. Firstly not central system can cover all the information needs that are likely to arise of users and therefore becomes a block as often as a help. Also users will not allow themselves to be centrally controlled like this, and they either simply don't do their work because there are too many hurdles, or they find ways to get the information and contact they need around the control of the organisations.

It is my opinion models need to support creative users not program human seen as nothing more than fleshy robots. Information work, at least at its higher ends, will always require creativity and responding to uncertainty and to win business in today's climate you need to provide the grounding for agility and flexibility without surrendering to chaos at almost all levels.

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