Thursday, October 14, 2010

BBC News - Schwarzenegger drops in on David Cameron

BBC News - Schwarzenegger drops in on David Cameron

Best Quote, that Schwarzenegger was going to help Cameron "terminate" the debt.

Despite Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's promises to reduce California's indebtedness, the state's debt has nearly tripled during the seven years he has been governor.

In fact the numbers of countries that have effectively managed to control debt are few. Most notable was Bill Clinton, who did it in the United States during the 1990s. Key factors that made it possible for Clinton were 1. that the economy was growing, 2. that he was a Democrat and not locked in to "Free Market" ideas of the GOP that tax cuts would result in budget surpluses. 3. Also very key to Clinton's success was that he didn't make this a main issues. People were a bit surprised by Clinton's attention to the debt and during his entire term the GOP attacked him as a big spender. This gave him the screen to implemented policies needed without overly concerning the public about potential loss of benefits.

Cameron has none of Clinton's political skills and is probably utterly unsuited for the task. The comment Cameron made is almost a Bushism, for it wrote the political cartoons itself. An image of the Terminator coming to No 10 to help deal with benefits, a relentless mindless killing machine created by big business that has an immoral obsession with destruction of human life. Cameron again is carried away with the PR moment and failed to see the big picture. He had a conservative visit him who had not only been unable to deal with debt but that seen it explode over the 8 years of his term. California is in reality facing the situations that Cameron scares the British public with might happen in the UK. And yet he is calling on him to help "terminate" the debt making reference to a film in which Schwarzeneggar played a threat to human existence. It was very much like Bush Crusade, when the full slowness of a ruler in a crisis situation was obvious.

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