Monday, October 11, 2010

Why Liberal Democracies have Federal Deficits


"Do you want your representative in Congress to fight for more government spending in your congressional district, in order to create jobs; or do you want your representative to fight to cut government spending, even if it means fewer jobs in your district?"

Fight for
more spending
Fight to
cut spending

9/22 - 10/3/10


So 18% more people want more money spending in their districts than cuts. If you want to get elected its better to try and bring home the bacon rather than try to cut spending. But asked about the entire nation:

"In general, would you rather have the federal government provide more services, even if it costs more in taxes, OR, the federal government cost less in taxes, but provide fewer services?" Options rotated

More services,
more in taxes
Fewer services,
less in taxes

9/22 - 10/3/10


So suddenly 8% who want more spent in their district change their opinions.

And that is the problem, this unprincipled 8% are enough to throw the entire election system in chaos. They want both more spending and less spending, as long as they get more spending and the nation as a whole gets less spending. If you can ration voting by race, gender or social class you can keep this 8% happy. White people or males can get more benefits and spending while the entire nation has to carry cuts.

The problem is that this is no longer possible, the Tea Party is probably a final breath of a long movement since the 1960 to hold power in the White Male heartland. But over time there are going to be too many different groups all able to vote to win elections by taking from the all and giving to the few.

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