Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fascist ideas starting to break the edges of established neo-liberal Economist?

Vertical farming: Three views of the vertical farm | The Economist: "Sirs;
The Economist , of late, is reminding me of the old saw, ' Nero fiddled while Rome burned'. However, I think that is very apropos. The world is overpopulated and it has reached crisis proportions. Changing ecosystems,climate and economies. It must be addressed and yet The Economist and it's staff have nothing better to do than insult countries like Japan for having ' negative demographics', chide Western countries ( especially the USA ) for not taking in enough immigrants even though it is destroying both social fabric and economy, and then publish ' feel good ' articles on vertical farming. Do you really think that will do anything?

"How ironic it will be if , in 50 years or so , Japan is doing quite well and we are all living in Sao Paulo. I guess it won't matter to the staff of the Economist because , as educated people , they won't be living in the favelas of London or Los Angeles.

"Sincerely, Duanor"

Pretty Scary, but the economic elites of the English speaking world have been caught utterly unprepared for the economic and social failures of the last 10 years, and the danger of fascism becoming the ideology of revolution is high given that anti-Capitalist debate is utterly censored out of English mass market media.

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