Saturday, December 18, 2010

Th Media is the Assange, how the egos of Internet endangering news

Right now the main global stories I am looking at are epidemic in Haiti, protests in the Ivory Coast, and open conflict in Korea. These events pose extreme dangers to many people's lives, and the situation in Korea could also have major knock an impacts to the global economy and global peace.

So what is my favorite UK newspaper covering on the World News section? Well what ever comes out of Wikileaks. The Guardian has given over the main section of its Global news coverage on its web page to Wikileaks. The Wikileaks story, where Assange is now, what he is wearing, if he likes to use condoms, and the most recent leak, no matter how banal, is now the dominate story of Guardian.

In short, the Guardian has become more interested in the story about how the story was created, than the story. The Media is now the Assange. The Guardian has moved over key events off the front page because, as the layout above shows, they are trying to promote the Wikileaks scoop.

So items like Korea and Ivory Coast can't find space on the limited front page. There is the need for most popular stories and paid ad space, so the giving Wikileaks the centre of the page means that stories as pointless as "Cuba censored the movie Sicko" "Berlusconi is vain", "Leaders in Afica are corrupt" takes the center stage. Not because they are important, but because they are part of the event of Wikileaks that Guardian is trying to sell.

Assanges personality itsef has become the main item of interest and his trials and tribulations allow the Guardian to convert World News in to a Gossip column, concentrating reporting efforts on the story of one very photogenic man rather than what is happening.
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