Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Waltons Mountain Re-Runs, thins I didn't catch as a kid

Picture showing the largest out house ever filmed

Here are some major things about the Waltons I didn't catch as a kid, but were obvious seeing a rerun as an adult:
  1. The father had a 1970s disco hair cut more at home on the set of Star Wars than Depression era south.
  2. Though it is suppose to be set in the South nobody has a southern accent
  3. Mary Ellen is gay
  4. How come a town with a movie theater and small down town didn't have a newspaper until a high school student started one?
  5. Grandma wears support bras, that probably were not available to elderly rural southern women during the depression
  6. They run a saw mill out of the house, but you never see trucks of lumber coming in our out, and you don't see any saw dust
  7. Grandpa was a total asshole bore and would have probably been lynched in rural south
  8. John Boy is bisexual
  9. Were they able to get away with everyone having red hair because the crackers that went in for this show would not have had color TV at first?
  10. The Brady Bunch came out six years before, but should the Waltons it be seen as a fascist reaction to it?
  11. The shows are the memories of John Boy, yet John Boy left the show in 1977, so for the years there was no John Boy whose memories is the narrator describing?
  12. How come in a house with 11 people living in it and 3 generations, is it still possible for quest appearances to have long lines without anyone interrupting?
  13. If they can't afford shoes, how come they can afford money for gasoline, allow the high school boys to use a car, and go to movies?
  14. John Sr was to have fought in World War I, which would have meant he would have had R&R in Paris, and yet he is still such a backwards ass hillbilly.
  15. Why was Dukes of Hazard the first show to realistically depict how Southerns spoke
  16. The guy who was rapped in the film Deliverance plays the good natured local blacksmith in the Waltons. Does this mean that the audience didn't see both movies, because how could anyone hold both images in their mind?
  17. How come three generations ranging from small children to old people all go to bed at precisely the same time every night?
  18. Did anyone ever really fall for this show?
  19. If they are a poor southern family during the Depression where did they get the money for so much white pain and tooth paste?
  20. Why didn't the Walton kids release a music album.
  21. Is it surprising that Wikipedia has very little information about the show?
  22. The show has nothing to do with the 1930s at all. The show is entirely and only a response to issues of the 1970s, to such an extent that the few programs I have seen recently don't even seem to make any today. It is interesting the John Walton is to have died in 1969, just before the 1970s started because if he had lived in to the 1970s it would have caused some kind of time paradox.
  23. Is the lack of racial tension between blacks and whites just naive or is it deeply insulting?

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