Monday, February 28, 2011

Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church Website During Live Confrontation

Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church Website During Live Confrontation

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cameron: It Just Won't Work

From 11 days ago Nick Robinson at the BBC blogged:

BBC - Nick Robinson's Newslog: Can new man at No 10 steady Team Cameron?: "Further evidence of the confidence wobble in No 10 is the creation of a new policy unit to shadow and monitor the work of government departments. It will be staffed by civil servants as the Tories have run out of special advisers having promised to cut their number and then having to share them with the Lib Dems. First on the list for monitoring will, I'm told, be Defra and those forests."

Well looking back at the past weeks Nick seems to be writing from a happy time for Tory government. Since that time things have gone very much from bad to worse, with a retreat on Forest sale followed by the humiliating spectacle of an utterly botched response to Libya which left almost all the impacted ministers including Clegg, Hague, Fox and Cameron himself deeply damaged.

The point simple is that modern democratic institutions can be as much threatened by media as enabled by them. Cameron was selected by a desperate Tory party seeking someone young with a flare for media, and the UK in one of its most critical periods is stuck with a coalition government headed by someone clearly out of his depth.

Now the real tragedy is that at any time this government can be taken down. Cameron did not win the election and is dependent on the alliance with the Liberals to hold power. But his take down will require decisive action from Labour, and politically why would Labour do that right now? Things are just going to get worse and worse for Cameron over the coming years.

Labour could strike soon and win a majority, or sit back a few years or maybe even the full term and win a massive majority like they had in the first part of the Blair years.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PMQ: after 10 years of living in this country the political debate in Parliament has almost gotten me to give up on democracy

If not for the brave Arabs willing to fight for democracy someone in the UK could be mistaken for thinking its all just a big sad joke.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The British Jack Ass: Things Didn't Look So Hard When Labour Was Doing IT

David Cameron is surprised to find how hard it is to be Prime Minister. With defeats and humiliations coming down on his government faster than PR spin can even recognize it Cameron has come out confused. It sure looked a lot easier to run the country when Labout was doing it.