Saturday, December 03, 2011

Occupy Portland Launches a Sneak Tent Attack

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 Matt Bors 
Police orders a tent to stop being built. 
2 bike cops walking up to 1st tent.  - 
2 bike cops walking up to 1st tent. 
 Sarah Morrigan 
We   (@ Shemanski Fountain)
 Liz Paulus 
Advice - get OFF of the frackin' monuments! Don't break stuff - fountain is damn fragile!Please!!  
PA at the new  being set up. Come to Salmon & Park to join the re-occupation!  
 Kathleen McDade 
Wayne Havrelly is here from 
Peace & safety meeting at blue tent now! 
RT : rt : Tents fly up in park blocks at Main St. 

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