Sunday, December 11, 2011

Police turn innocent Occupy Melbourne protest in to ugly incident

In Australia the Occupy movement responded to the ban on tents with a clever protest.  They made outfits out of tents and expressed their protest in what can only be called a playful, harmless and utterly innocent fashion.

But in a world run by the banks their is no longer the freedom of innocent protest.  Any descent against the banking system will be meet by a violent response.  This fun, small innocent protest ended in a terrifying scene of the police disrobing on of the female protesters and leaving her in her underwear in public then walking off.


If anything is a wake up call to decent humans about what the banking system has done to their society it is these two movies.  This is Soviet Union kind of stuff, where women are violated and humiliated sexually for any act of opposition.

Clearly the banks and free market reforms of 30 years has produced a indecent uncivil world.  It is time to admit that the 'experiments' of Reagan and Thacher have not delivered prosperity and cost our society its core decency.

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