Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Exporters

This chart shows export growth for the world, United States, United Kingdom, Germany and China.

Not surprising the China's growth has been much higher than the global rate for most of the bast 20 years.  But there is a troubling, for China, legacy of boom and bust that might spell trouble for China, which saw a major boom in the 1990s lead to a hard landing.

It is also interesting to see that among Western nations German is currently seeing the weakest export growth, as the UK is see the strongest.  But the most telling thing is how connected trade makes the worlds major economies, when they rise they all rise together and then the fall they tend to fall together.  In the cases of global, UK, US and Germany the rates normalize after one year, with a single case of any of these nations under performing global average by more than a year or so.

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