Monday, February 06, 2012

We are all less gay then you think

It has turned out to be impossible to get a firm number on how many people are gay. Likely because gay is a very hard concept to precisely define and despite efforts on both side to define gay problematically, when you really sit down and think about it....

I once new a gay couple where one member was gay and the other was not gay. I know that sounds strange, but one member when on to live a gay lifestyle and the other ended up marrying a member of the opposite sex and, as far as I knew, was never with gay lover.

Gay is a complex social, moral, sexual event that can never be reduced to a set of genes or a feature like eye color or skin color. In reality race, when you really look at it, is not as simple as we think. What race is Obama really? Mixed? How many people who say they are African American are mixed? Is the American in African American cover mixed? Now think how much more complex it is to define gay.

But one thing is pretty clear, we generally think there are more gay people in western culture than evidence indicates that there is. In the United States people generally say that 25% of the population is gay, when polling of people themselves comes up with at most 10%. Are people in denial? Is the public crazy? Who knows.

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