Friday, April 13, 2012

Child safety, social networks and the sad case of Flickr

Flickr filters make the site more dangerous for children. Below are links from one user on Flickr, this is not a private site. Anyone can access this site publicly, though if you have Flickr safety filters turned on Flickr will hide some of the pornographic group the person is a member of.

This user has joined a number of hard core groups, including 'young women love oldmen', 'Cum Becumes Her' and many others.  Yet this person is able, in public, to make contacts with dozens of sites with images of young girls, many living in Asian nations with weak child protection.

This user is also active on open online dating sites.  Rippie describes himself as 'more experienced in sex' and 'more sex driven' than the average user on OK Cupid.  This highly sexual man sure has an interest in contacting young girls on Flickr, and his activity is a powerful case study of the dangers of children using the social networks.

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Notice the children who are contacts with this member, who has joined dozens of hardcore pornographic groups. Click to enlarge.
This contact looks no older than 12 or 13, perhaps younger.
With all the concentration on Facebook and Twitter, a very disturbing social network has emerged on the sharing site Flickr.

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